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Welcome to the CTA Annual Seminar website 2010

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About the seminar

Closing the Knowledge Gap: Integrated Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture

Girl carrying water jug

Climate variability and change pose key challenges to agricultural producers within ACP who are forced to cope with short term dry spells and longer term droughts. Too many farmers throughout the region lack access to a reliable water supply, and many lack the tools and facilities required to manage water effectively. Most farmers rely on rainfall, which leaves them at risk of partial if not complete crop failure. According to FAO, irrigation makes it possible to increase crop yields by 100 to 400%. The potential of agricultural water management has not yet been tapped in most of the ACP countries.

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Feedback on the 2010 Annual Seminar

Greetings. I hope you are well and that you have good memories of the time we had in South Africa. Kindly pass my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the people at CTA who made it possible for me to attend the annual seminar… It was a wonderful learning experience.
Botswana College of Agriculture

God willing, we will be able to hold such a meeting with CTA and NEPAD in the near future. From our side all the outcomes and learnings of the seminar will be shared with the various rural communities that we work with.

The Seminar was a great opportunity for me. I have learnt a lot and it was great to share knowlege. I have been fired up and going to submit proposals for research and further works. I have a proposal on the drawing board on the mapping of irrigation potential in Ghana.
Ghana Irrigation Development Authority

I hope our mutual interaction on common fields of interest will last especially with the flourishing and prominent recommendations we have agreed upon. Truly, I believe our universal communication will enrich our lives and serve our aims to reach sustainable development and prosperity for our countries wherever we are.
Department of agriculture

It was a wonderful experience to share skills and knowledge in addressing and improving the quality of life of smallholder farmers through sustainable water management. We have each learned one and more things that we are going to practise and at least bring a difference in the poor livelihood. Africa needs such more than ever before more especially now when effects of climate change are negatively impacting on poor households. It is very important to note that with the skills we have gained from the seminar we will be able to scale up our activities towards sustainable environmental management.
Chinansi Foundation

The one week outing in South Africa, enabled me share a lot of information with experts in the water field and I was able to learn a lot from the vast wealth of expertise that were present on the best practices in integrated water management and how best to help smallholder farmers use as little water available to increase their productivity.
National Agricultural Information Services

I wish to express my pleasure for my participation in the CTA Annual Seminar 2010 on “Closing the Knowledge Gap: Integrated Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture” held, in conjunction with the CTA Week, in South Africa from 22 to 26 November 2010. Share experiences and information on best practices and partnerships development to the CTA annual seminar will contribute to mobilizing stakeholders to advocate for increased public investments which are crucial for integrated water management in agriculture of ACP countries. This particularly in view of our responsibility to shape water in agriculture adjusting it to the needs of farmers in ACP country with the aim of enhancing organizations and governments to adopt improved knowledge in the field of IWM in agriculture. Our enthusiasm during this week gives me confidence that we will work side by side and with us the CTA to face the challenges ahead and ensure that the CTA Annual Seminar 2010 outcomes will be effectively implemented and sustained by us in our organizations and networks.
Gender and Water Alliance Network
The Netherlands

The seminar was rich and enlightening for everyone.
Cellule pour le Développement Intégré et l'Environnement (CELDIE)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you…CTA, NEPAD Agency and all the organizers for making this a truly memorable event. Words cannot express what I have learnt, I want to assure you that I will share the knowledge that I have learnt with my farmers in Livingstone and my colleagues at work (IDE Zambia) so that we are able to be water wise in the face of climate change by practicing Conservation Agriculture, Rain Water Harvesting and using technologies like drip irrigation to make every drop of water count.
International Development Enterprises

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